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primal movesPosted by Mark Thu, July 09, 2009 22:34:48
Hello there,

just loaded up a new video, filmed during two afternoons last winter. We don´t see that much snow here very often, so I grabbed the opportunity and took my camerea with me to capture this great expierience. I highly recommend this to everyone not afraid to expose himself to natures beauty and harshness.

The first day I went without gloves and after two hours my fingers couldn´t work the little knobs on my cam anymore. The second day with gloves was much easier, but to get a glimpse of real nature I decided to take of my shirt and shoes. And it was...cold. Very cold. Damned f.cking cold...

The woods in wintertime are great, and the training regime varies a lot from the other seasons. What I found most interesting is the level of focus, which is low when it comes to childish outbursts like sliding down a hill, and alters when your´re balancing on an icy log. At some point those levels kind of overlapped and it was like becoming "one" with the movement and the landscape. Very exciting, very tense, very funny...

So, don´t lock yourselfs up at home next winter (or even worse: join a fitness clubsmiley!)

Enjoy the summer!


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