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primal movesPosted by Mark Sat, September 13, 2008 17:21:28


At first I want to say that, though I am from Germany, I will do this blog in English, just for the simple reason to get more people involved. So if anything should sound strange you know why smiley.

So, what is this about?

Five years ago I decided to do a little for my bodyhealth by going jogging. I was in my 30´s and I guess it was some kind of "midlife-crises-stuff". I never did sports activities before in my life, except in school years way back. I was always the kind of "brain guy", spent my time sitting and reading things about all sort of topics, mainly about history, philosophy, religion and geography.

So I went to the woods. I couldn´t hardly breathe after a few meters, my legs were aching and I realised, that there was a lot of work. But soon my level increased and I began to enjoy it.

But as I got better over the months I discovered a sad thing: It became boring. Something was missing.

During a visit, my younger brother showed my some videos on the internet, where people were jumping from rooftops, vaulting rails and fences and climbing walls, all fast and elegant. Parkour, a movement art from France. I was astonished and began a research about Parkour and what it was about. A door opend in my mind.

Many things impressed me about this disciplin: Humans seem to be capable of doing amazing things with their bodies, of course. All the athletes and acrobats proofed this since ages. But Parkour was different, it begins in your mind: What is the fastest, easiest, most efficient way to get to where you want to go? Without equipment, only with the use of your body.

But what struck me most was the idea, that there is an activity without competition, where you measure your efforts only by comparing them with those you reached the day before. If someone is better than you, can jump further or run faster, then because he had trained it more than you. He is not better by nature. So go out and practise. For and by yourself.

For me, sport was always combined with competition, and I guess that was the main reason why I never was interested in it. I was never eager to proof that I´m better than someone else in whatever disciplin (most of the time I wasn´t anyway...). In addition to that I was never keen to join team sports like football. So here was Parkour, and it was kind of a green light which said: it´s not necessary to join a sports club to become a good sportsman.

So I started favouring my wood sessions with practising jumping, climbing, balancing. During my research about Parkour I became aware of it´s roots, the Methode Naturelle, developed by french physical education practioner Georges Hébert, and his ideas fitted quite well in my approach of physical training. I managed to get a book of him and studied his method, which consits of an outdoor training program including 10 groups of activities to perform (marching, running, jumping, balancing, climbing, moving on all four limbs, throwing, lifting, defense and swimming) in order to become strong, flexible and enduring. A special point in his teachings is altruism, the ability of being help- and useful for the society.

All that made me thinking about why and how I wanted to train. Because of my age it is very clear to me that I will never be a great athlete like David Belle (founder of Parkour), simply by lack of training expierience in the past. And because I have a job which requires a lot of time, I´m not able to spend lots of hours each day with training (sad but true...)

But I´m glad to say that I found ways to cope with that, and I´m quite satisfied with my forthcoming in physical fitness. I combined my knowledge to an individual practising concept which I called "primal moves". It´s an concept "in progress" and it´s not aimed to be perfect. Almost every week I discover new aspects to work on and so I started this blog to write about my progress. And of course I hope it will be helpful to someone.

So, if you like, take a look from time to time.



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